How Corona Traka App Works

Walk with purpose, know the case of anywhere you want to visit before you do using Traka App

Coronatraka app


You are ready to go out, you can avoid danger zones by tracking the destination; what do you do?
Enter location in the search box and click Track Case, you are ahead!



This a live update on the number of cases and with the option to search region as this is global as the name implies.



For the sake of reference to time and location of cases, you would use this tab to fill a form on your movement from point A to B with the contact of your host (driver, seller or visitor), we may need it to validate suspected cases.



Yes, this is a course you can give your time, gut and resources to. Apart from educating the public on this subject matter as a volunteer, you are the surest link to determine areas to be under surveillance



In case you want to get any information real time from the website, this is the door.

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Android Corona Tracker
Android Corona Tracker


Be responsible

1. Protect yourself 
2. Protect your loved one
3. Protect the world

How to contribute

1. Volunteer
2. Use Traka App
3. Spread the world